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What is the Bluephone Virtual Switchboard service?

The Bluephone Virtual Switchboard is a service that we offer to those companies as an effective, flexible and economical alternative to the expensive and complex installations of traditional high-performance telephone switchboards.

What is it and how can you help me?

It is an advanced telephone communication solution, based on IP Voice technology, that provides the possibility to make phone calls over the Internet and without the need for traditional telephone lines, as well as enables a large set of associated telephony services.

This is a web-hosted solution accessible over the Internet, avoiding the need for complicated installation and costly maintenance of physical equipment in your workplace.

Benefits of Bluephone Virutal Switchboard

Thanks to the use of IP Voice over the Internet, this service enables a very attractive reduction of costs in your usual telephony while retaining a high quality of service, while offering you a set of additional features fully adaptable to your needs and that will enhance your communications services.

What are these additional benefits?


Your company will have all the advantages offered by a modern telephone switchboard: unlimited extensions with free calls to each other, interactive voice menus, voicemails, call forwarding, interconnection of venues over the Internet, absolute control of your calls and much more.

About Fineness Management

The Virtual Switchboard also offers numerous financial management options such as balance top-up control, call reports, phone consumption reports and graphs, billing options, rate control, and more.

  • Significant reduction in your usual fixed and mobile telephony costs. Particularly recommended for those companies with high consumption of international traffic, where the level of reduction in spending achieved is especially attractive.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises for their low cost and high productivity achieved.
  • Minimum or even zero initial investment, depending on your needs.
  • Take advantage of your existing Internet connection over broadband (ADSL, etc.).
  • It does not require installation or maintenance of expensive hardware or equipment (telephone switchboards, etc.) in your offices.
  • Instant commissioning and commissioning, with no compromise service testing option.
  • Interconnect multiple geographic locations and extensions through a single system, being able to call each other for free.
  • At any time you can use and stop using our service, keeping your traditional phone service at the same time and as always.
  • Professional support and advice available.
  • It has an integrated online Control Panel to access all its services.

Understand how the bluephone virtual switchboard service works

Step 1: Discharge

The Bluephone Virtual Switchboard is a web-hosted telephone communication solution on our dedicated servers. Your company, after engusing the service, can connect all its phone extensions and associated lines from anywhere in the world over the internet, either from traditional phones or IP, from PCs or even from your smartphone or tablet via SIP softphones.

Step 2: Needs study and advice

Once we have studied your particular telephony service needs, we offer you comprehensive advice and comprehensive service proposal based on our Virtual Switchboard. We take care of configuring and installing all the necessary components in our system, as well as providing all the necessary documentation and training so that when we process the discharge of the service your company can start enjoying it from that moment. We also offer a service demonstration option without any commitment.

Step 3: Management and Support

Once the service is launched and en-en-installed, your company will be able to connect and manage it through an online Control Panel accessible through the web. If your company subsequently needs to modify its services, or reduce or extend its services, we are available to do so as well as to provide continuous support and advice for all your needs.

Discover all the features.
  • Creation of unlimited IP Voice phone extensions.
  • Free calls between extensions within the system.
  • Balance query by marking defined extent.
  • Voicemail service.
    • Built-in voicemails for each extension.
    • View and configure voicemail options.
    • Forwarding voice messages to a predefined email address.
  • Customizable call recording service (1).
  • Configuring CLIs (incoming caller ID, or Caller ID) for available extensions and lines.
  • Customizable address book.
  • Customizable speed dialing.
  • Customizable Callback service.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) option.
    • Recording and custom message settings for IVR (voice menus, custom greetings).
    • Control of actions according to different schedules.
  • Configurable call forwarding to any number, system extension or Voice IP application (Google Talk, etc).
  • Auto-dial service to target list.
    • With time settings.
    • With message customization.
    • Ideal for telemarketing applications and services, notifications, etc.
  • Configuration of the service for the use of softphone apps (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).
  • Configuring call flow with voicemail sending or forwarding option, for when:
    • The call is answered.
    • The call is not answered.
    • The line is busy or fails for some other reason.

(1) Call recording not possible for conversations between two local SIP extensions.

  • It provides IP voice service through traditional phones, IP phones and softphone apps (2).
  • Possibility of filtering and restricting outgoing calls.
  • View active calls in real time.
  • Customizable Call Detail Record reports: call history, last calls, missed calls, etc.
  • Customizable display of call statistics using graphs.
  • Possibility to make call recordings with integrated management (send to email/listen/download/delete, etc.).

(2) Depending on the type of telephone terminals to connect, additional adapters are required to enable IP Voice service and connection to the local network and internet over broadband.

  • Complete configuration of company contact and billing details.
  • Management and history of generated consumptions, payments and invoices.
  • Display applicable call rates at all times and for all destinations.
  • Online balance top-ups available in account.
  • Configurable query and notifications of available account balance.
  • Management of subscriptions to value-added services.
  • Possibility to use coupons to top up your balance


We have other services and business models available to suit you:

  • Wholesale phone traffic resale for carriers and suppliers.
  • Provision and configuration of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbering.
  • Creation and management of prepaid phone cards.
  • Extension management service for locutorios.
  • SMS services (via web, etc.).
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