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OBJECT.- BLUEPHONE, S.L. (hereinafter, “BLUEPHONE”), with CIF B86117140 and domicile in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Enrique Granados Street, number 6, Building B, Office 7C, 28227, is dedicated to the authorized resale of prepaid cards for electronic communications services, devoid of SIM card, which are in the destination of landlines and mobile phones to make international and international outgoing calls. Customer may only use the Service as an end user, so you are not authorized to resell telephone traffic or to market or assign the Service.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.-For its correct use the following order will be respected: First Step, the customer will dial the access number of their choice and immediately listen to a statement that will tell you the steps to follow at any time to make the international call. Second Step, the client will dial the Pin number, which consists of 11 digits and is hidden behind a pin cap tape, which must be scratched in order to display the Pin number assigned to the card. Third Step, the customer will dial the destination number as follows: 00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

PRICES PREPAID CARDS.- The current prices will apply for each type of prepaid card, taxes included.

COST SET CALL.- The current connection cost published in the www.bluephone.es, taxes included.

VOICE CALL RATES.- The current rates will apply to each destination published in www.bluephone.es, which detail the minutes based on a single call (they are charged in 60/60 minutes), taxes included. The current rates for the contracted mode and for their consultation will apply to voice and data traffic made by the Customer and for their consultation are published on the website www.bluephone.es.

LOCAL CALL COST.-The cards we offer have three different accesses:

1. 900 access: Free from landlines. For mobile phones, this access costs 0.10 euros per minute

2. Access 91: The rate will apply according to the enabling operator of the telephone line contracted by the customer. Using this access from publicly used cabins has a code of 0.09 euros per minute.

3. 22073: Free for Movistar customers only.

MAINTENANCE COST.-Does not apply to prepaid maintenance cost cards.

START OF SERVICES.-Activation of the Service will occur at the time the customer makes the first communication.

RECHARGES.-The Card has a Rechargeable Pin, which is not personal in nature, but has a value of minutes, not associated with any user. BLUEPHONE does not currently offer direct recharge service. However, reloading the Pins is possible according to distributor. To do this, the Customer may choose any of the means of recharge enabled by BLUEPHONE, according to the information offered on its website, www.bluephone.com. The amount of each top-up made by the Customer will be at least 5 euros and a maximum of 150 euros (taxes included). Calls made to short numbers assigned to the provision of emergency call care services will be free of charge. In compliance with current legislation, BLUEPHONE will make available to the authorities providing such services information on the source location of each call addressed to the numbers assigned to the provision of emergency services.

PAYMENT.-The Customer will proceed to the payment of the Service prior to consumption, by purchasing or recharging his/her Card. As Customer uses the Service, the charges you incur, in accordance with applicable fees, will be automatically deducted from your available balance. Also, each time the customer makes a call, they are informed of their balance, depending on the destination selected. The available balance in the Account will never be less than 0o. Accordingly, when the Customer has initiated a call from his telephone terminal and his/her available balance runs out in the course of the phone terminal, the immediate termination of that call will occur. Also, when the Customer tries to initiate a call from his telephone terminal and does not have sufficient balance to do so, in accordance with the applicable rates, it will not be possible to carry the requested traffic.

CARD CADUCIDAD.-Each prepaid card has an expiration date of two months from the first call made, expiring the balance of that card if the full balance of the card is not consumed in that period.

PROVISIONAL AND DEFINITIVE DEACTIVATION OF THE CARD.-BLUEPHONE may provisionally or definitively deactivate the Service, at its option, in the face of the commission of a fraud, the concurrence of rational indications of commission of fraud or as a result of the making of any illicit use of the Service. In the event of a definitive deactivation of the Service for any of the intended reasons, the contract will be automatically terminated.

WITHDRAWAL.- The customer may make use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days, from the time he acquired the prepaid card or since he acquires the material possession of the card, if it is later than when he acquired it, without the need to justify the reason for the withdrawal and without penalty, provided that he has not used it. To exercise this right, you will need to go to the point of sale where you purchased it.

QUALITY COMMITMENTS.- The best technical and procedural advances will be applied to ensure at all times the highest quality in all communications subject to the service.INFORMATION TO THE CUSTOMER.- The Customer may obtain information about the services, coverage, rates and any incident that affects www.bluephone.es

CLAIMS.- Without prejudice to the legal actions accepted in law, complaints about the operation of the services, fees, billing, quality or any other question that may arise in relation to the provision of the service, may be addressed to BLUEPHONE in the telephone service number enabled to such or in www.bluephone.es and fill out the form enabled for it, within one month from the moment the fact or cause is known the claim, without prejudice to those cases in which the current legislation establishes other deadlines for this. If the Client has not obtained a satisfactory response from BLUEPHONE within one month, the Customer may address his complaint to the relevant Arbitral Board or to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, as provided for in the implementing regulations. All this shall be without prejudice to the right of the client to go to the judicial procedure.

MODIFICATION OF THE CONTRACT.- BLUEPHONE, upon communication to the Customer, one month in advance, may modify this contract in order to adapt its contents to new legislative, technological or mobile phone market circumstances.

APPLICABLE LEGAL LAW AND REGIME.-The legal relationship between the customer and BLUEPHONE is governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Use

Collection and processing of personal data

This website requires the collection and storage of certain personal data (e.g. first name, surname, telephone, address, email) for all users who wish to register on our website.

This data will become part of our computerized data file, which is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data 15/1999.

Our customers always have the full right to object, access, modify or cancel their personal data stored in our file at all times, upon prior written notice and request to our Madrid address.

Use and Privacy of Personal Data

Eventually, and depending on the needs of the company to with its business commitments, including but not limited to activities of prospecting and market research, conducting surveys, marketing campaigns and product information or promotions, the company reserves the power to exercise direct communication actions with its customer base by those means thus provided (whether electronically provided , by telephone or by post) for the proper functioning of such business activities.

To this end, all our subscribers (customers, suppliers, etc.) are offered on the website the option to be able to refuse or accept such possibility and use of your data on our part, through the relevant option within the page of your personal profile.

In any case, this personal data will not be stored or used by Bluephone Wholesale or its associated companies for any purpose other than the one set forth herein, nor will it be sold or distributed to third parties under any circumstances or for any other use.

According to article 14 of Organic Law 15/1999, the consultation of the General Registry of Data Protection, to know the existence of personal data processing, its purposes and the identity of the person responsible for the file or processing is public and free.

The personal data included in our file may not be subject to processing, nor may it be used for purposes other than those mentioned above.

The reproduction in whole or in part, including the dumping of the content to any media, is prohibited, without the express authorization of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Other provisions

The contact box of the website is for informational purposes only, without, in any case, any binding legal effect being derived from the reply.

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