Gathering and treatment of personal information

This website requires the gathering and storage of certain personal information from users, such as name, surname, phone number, email address, etc for all users wishing to register in our website. These personal details will be stored in our automated data file, which is dutifully registered within the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, in accordance with Spanish law provided by the Personal Data Protection, Organic Act 15/1999. Our customers retain their rights to fully oppose, access, modification or cancellation of their personal data stored in our data files at any given time, providing due signed notice in writing letter and sent to our main offices in Madrid.

Privacy and usage of personal data

Eventually, and depending on the needs of the company for their commercial commitments, including but not limited to surveying and market research, conducting market research, marketing campaigns and product information or promotions, the company reserves the power to exercise direct communication with its customers and by those means provided (either electronically, by telephone or by mail) for the correct operation of such business. To that end, the company offers to all our subscribers (customers, suppliers, etc) on the web the option to reject or accept this possibility and use of your information by us through the appropriate option within the page of your personal profile. In any case, these data will not be stored or used by us or our affiliates for any purpose other than described herein, nor will be sold or distributed to third parties under any circumstances or for any other use. According to Article 14 of Law 15/1999 of the General Registry of Data Protection, to query the existence of the processing of personal data, its purpose and the identity of the data controller is public and free. The personal data included in our database cannot be processed, or used for purposes other than those mentioned above. Unauthorised transmission in whole or in part, even the dumped content to any media, without express permission of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, of any part of such data is strictly forbidden.

Other Provisions

The contact email is purely for informative purposes, and under no circumstances the answers obtained from it may derive into any legally binding effect.

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